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10 The Best Homemade Face Masks For Acne


Let’s talk about 10 The Best Homemade Face Masks For Acne.

Acne is a source of disappointment for any girl or woman. Especially, if they deal with acne scars. What is the best method to remove acne scars? Let’s observe the healing effects of face masks. Beauty brands offer us a wide range of products that cope with specific tasks: tighten pores, remove blackheads, or dry out inflammation. But they are all designed for mass users. 

What mask is good for acne scars? Well, you may opt for a DIY one because you may prepare a substance exclusively for treating your very skin problems. How do you get rid of acne scars from Masks? Very simple: with a course of procedures using the products and ingredients which you have at home. 

Here Top 10 recipes to help your skin look healthy and tender.  

  1. Avocado face mask

The oil of this fruit tames inflammation, moisturizes, and tightens pores. You will need one tablespoon of pulp, egg white, and tsp. lemon juice. Keep it on for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse off with water. Very instrumental and pleasant acne recipe.


  1. Purifying clay mask

This one is suitable for any skin type and will be a godsend for those who do not like to spend a lot of time preparing home remedies. Take one tsp of cosmetic clay and dilute it with water (preferably mineral). The consistency should resemble sour cream. Apply for 15 minutes and rinse. This is a superb overnight acne mask DIY.

  1. Oatmeal mask for acne scars

After acne or rashes, small spots or scars often remain on the skin.  So the recipe is simple: mix 1 tablespoon of oatmeal, some water, and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. You can apply such masks all over the face or only on problem areas. Repeat three times a week for a month!


  1. Aloe vera gel for scars

“How can I lighten acne scars fast?” you may ask yourself every morning. Bad skin is very sensitive, so a soothing mask will help to quickly remove acne on the face. Does aloe vera help acne scars? Yes. You will need some aloe vera gel for scars and a couple of drops of almond or peach oil. Apply for 10 minutes. If you feel tight, just wash it off.



  1. Mask with tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial features. It activates renewal processes, soothes, and relieves inflammation. You can take several tbsp. of white or green clay, add three drops of essential oil and a couple drops of lemon juice. Apply for 10 minutes!

  1. Honey mask 

Can honey remove acne scars? Well, this type of mask really improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolic processes, and helps quickly remove scars after acne. One teaspoon of honey must be diluted with almond oil (3-5 drops). Apply for 5-7 minutes. 


  1. Mask from blackheads

You can prepare a real remedy from blackheads using drugstore black or white carbon. Take two tablets (grind to a powder), a teaspoon of gelatin, and two tablespoons of milk. Mix all ingredients and warm slightly. Keep the consistency until completely dry. Do not apply the product around the eyes!

  1. Cucumber face mask

Cucumber juice lightens pigmentation and reduces sebum production. You need to grate a cucumber, then mix with yogurt and add a teaspoon of oil (coconut, olive, almond). After 15-20 minutes, wash it off with warm water. You can repeat the procedure two to three times a week!

  1. Vitamin mask 

Base: the best aloe vera gel for acne scars you may find. Take several teaspoons of gel, add a couple of drops of A, E vitamin. Apply for 10 minutes. This is a very good night mask for acne.

  1. Under eye mask for dark circles DIY

Just blend 4 tsp of fresh milk and 2 tsp of baking soda to achieve a creamy consistency. Put it in the refrigerator. Then apply the chilled mask around your eyes for 20-25 minutes, then wash it off with cold water

The result of DIY face masks for acne scars will be seen through several applications, and it is best to take a course. Just enjoy a natural face mask for acne. Read our list and find one for daily care or overnight mask for acne scars. Please note that all ingredients for preparing at home acne facial must be prepared taking into consideration individual sensitivity to avoid allergy.

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