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6 breakfasts to avoid

Many nutritionists and doctors talk about healthy breakfast foods. I hope you’ve read my last article where I talked about the right foods for breakfast. In this article, I will tell you which foods are completely unsuitable for morning meals. Let’s talk about 6 breakfasts to avoid.

What foods are contraindicated in the morning? 

What foods slow down your metabolism? 

What should you not eat for breakfast?

Those who dream of an ideal figure and watch their weight should avoid these foods: convenience foods, deep-fried foods, chocolate bars, fast food, mayonnaise, fatty sauces, white bread. As they say,  this is the backbone of the basics. 

Now let’s take a closer look at these products and draw conclusions about why they are so harmful, especially in the morning. 

  1. Deep-fried foods. Whatever it is. Fried foods will negate all the benefits of these products, besides,  load your still half-asleep body with various compounds that are difficult to digest and then you will suffer all day from incomprehensible pain or heaviness in the abdomen.
  2. Sausages. Starting the day with a sausage sandwich is just a mockery of your esophagus. Moreover,  sausage itself is not a healthy product due to the preservatives, flavor enhancers and colorants it contains. So you will also want to eat much faster than you think. There are many additives in sausages that enhance and stimulate appetite. Some of them lead to esophageal cancer.
  3. Instant porridge. The main thing here is not porridge, as you think, but that it is “instant”. So that the grain is “brewed” faster to a food acceptable form, it undergoes a special treatment that turns  “slow” carbohydrates into “fast” and not useful starch. In addition, sugar is generously added to such cereals. This is not porridge, but rather a dessert.
  4. Fast breakfasts. Such an advertised and pseudo useful product. The trouble is that such breakfasts are offered even to children, without thinking about what it really is. A quick breakfast is nothing more than flour, sugar and other additives turned into a single mass, then this mass is given the desired shape  (balls, stars, etc.). How useful it is is a rhetorical question, due to the huge amount of sugar and starch in the product. 
  5. Chips and other salty snacks. First of all, these are ultra fat-containing foods. It is also bad that the fat that is used to prepare these products is the cheapest vegetable analog. The composition of the products includes an unrealistically large number of flavor enhancers that will increase your hunger almost immediately.
  6. Packaged juices are also not the best choice to start the day. According to the technology, juices should not include added sugar, but in practice everything is different. The so-called “reconstituted”  juices contain a huge variety of simple carbohydrates, colors, and a huge amount of sweetener. 

And finally, we come to the most delicious section of our article, these are recipes. Now I will tell you about simple and easy-to-prepare breakfast recipes.

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