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Body Scrub Massage


Let’s talk about Body Scrub Massage.

Do you use a body scrub before or after bathing? Or probably you prefer a shower scrubbing ritual? Let examine the bottles in your bathroom: most females buy a variety of products for hair and skincare and then beautifully line them up. Different types of scrubs are a must-have for each woman who cares for herself and we hope you have them too. 

However, there are still some popular questions that need answers:

  • what does a scrub do?
  • what is a body scrub?
  • how to use a body scrub?
  • how to use bath scrub?
  • what are face scrub benefits?

Find all the answers in this article and enjoy all body/face scrub benefits

Body Indulgence 

Face or body scrub meaning a substance for maintaining healthy and smooth skin. This is a creamy mix of cleansing and exfoliation components that slightly massage and clean your skin in a way a bar of soap can’t do. A scrub can be store-bought or homemade, for a shower or bath. Besides, both women and men treat procedures with scrub as an indulging spa-like ritual. 

Do body scrubs really work? Sure! Probably your know that the cells on your body’s skin regularly shed to give a place for new, healthier ones. This process slows with age and scrubbing gives a vital impulse to renewal. 

A body scrub is not a massage in terms of techniques. This procedure can be performed by aestheticians, the specialists who have a license to work on skin, but not the underlying muscle tissue. 

As you apply it over your body or face and massage, the exfoliating granules gently slough off old skin, while these pleasant moves boost blood circulation and help drain your lymph nodes, by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface. Just gently massage body scrub on your arms and belly and moan with excitement!

When the process is finished, step into a bath or shower to rinse off.  Rinse the substance thoroughly. And don’t use soap or shower gel because it will diminish oils and aromatics on your skin. 

Very sensitive people will sure like sugar scrub massage or sugar massage where the main component is sugar. After all, those gentle cleansing procedures in the bath or shower just moisturize your skin for being smooth and well-hydrated. This was really a wonderful time that boosted your mood and affected your total look. 

Facial Delight

Body scrub “laws” work for your face too. The result will be visible in several hours. No doubt, you will be more than thrilled with excitement and will definitely appreciate your refreshed texture. And the last but not the least is an enjoyment after such spa-like treatment. You may use salt scrub for face benefits.  Then you will impress everyone with a fresh and healthy look on your face. Maybe this day you will not use makeup at all. 

How to choose a proper substance? In addition to mass market and exclusive brands, you can make your own eco & aroma scrub using honey, olive oil, oatmeal, banana, avocado, raw sugar, essential oils, ground cloves, and ground coffee. The last one is a really very simple and popular ingredient. As a result, you will experience a real aromatherapy session at home. Benefit scrubs and their healing power.

Our body scrubs good for you

With healthy and firm skin, you can use a light shower scrub several times a week. However, if your skin is sensitive or thin, don’t make this procedure more than one time per week.

If you have any serious problems with the heart, blood system, and skin, follow several general rules for  shower & bath scrub rituals:

  • Avoid over scrubbing.  Body skin as the skin on your face is also susceptible to irritation. So to use moisturizing lotion after this pleasant beauty ritual. 
  • If you apply a self-tanner, opt for non-oily body scrub just before using any tanning lotion. By the way, scrubs are also superb for removing self-tanner from your face and body. In case of sunburn, put off all scrubbing procedures. 

Either at home or at a spa salon – you will definitely like scrubbing and its marvelous effects. 


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