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Hair care: 9 effective masks for curly hair

What is the best homemade hair mask for curly hair?

How do you make a homemade hair curly mask?

Which is the best homemade hair mask?

Is coconut oil good for curls?

Is olive oil good for curly hair?



I spent a lot of time looking for natural hair care products, focusing on product descriptions and ingredients, trying to find a cream that is almost capable of everything: moisturize, untangle, smooth, (it’s about the functions)! Of course, such a magic tool does not exist, however, the list of the best masks for natural hair DIY is ready now.


Excessive treatments and heat strokes can make your curls fragile and lifeless. If you, like me, have dry strands, I recommend you to prepare a mask that restores your hair. An excellent combination of ultra-nourishing oils and high-quality ingredients can work with your curly locks wonderfully, eliminating damage from multiple styling, restoring hair strength. Many of the miraculous ingredients, I’m sure, are in your refrigerator.

Having fun, being a beautician in the kitchen, in addition to saving money, prepare your own smoothie that will restore your strands. Perhaps you, as and me, mother always scolded, that cannot be played with food, however these 9 recipes masks for growth curly hair, providing delicious results, believe perishing, this is worth.

1. Avocado smoothie

The preparation of a green cocktail based on avocado is an ideal tool that strengthens and promotes hair growth. Ingredients: avocado, olive oil, natural honey, pure avocado oil and organic unsweetened coconut milk.

2. Mask on mayonnaise

Perhaps, after reading about the application of mayonnaise to your hair, you will be surprised, but you will quickly realize that it acts as a very good remedy for hair damage. Mix mayonnaise, coconut oil, castor oil, and eggs, and apply to washed hair that looks badly damaged. After the first session, this mask will prove its excellent effectiveness.

3. Mask that stimulates hair growth

The main functions of this mask: stimulates growth, giving Shine, preventing breakage, perfectly moisturizes, and this is not the whole list! For preparations masks needs: mix egg with avocado, banana, coconut oils, honey, and olive oils.

4. Mask for brittle curls

Probably you think that smearing onion juice hair, as it is not quite natural. But I hasten to convince you that it treats brittle hair and improves their growth. Onions with ginger mask perfectly eliminate brittle and thinning hair, feeding strands of minerals. If you want to eliminate a little onion flavor, you can add lemon, mint, or orange extract to the mixture.

5. Mask that gives a healthy look to hair

If you regularly use a mask, which includes honey, egg, and castor oil, then in addition to increasing the length of the strands, you will also give them a healthy Shine. Thanks to castor oil, growth inhibitors such as dandruff and various skin infections are eliminated, helping to increase blood flow to the scalp.

6. In-depth air conditioning

Here also demonstrates its wonderful function castor oil. And, if you add fresh aloe Vera gel to further strengthen and natural coconut oil to moisturize, then give new life to your damaged hair.

7. Detox and mask for dry scalp

An unsurpassed combination of ingredients hair mask «Do it yourself», perfectly eliminate dryness of the scalp, at the same time and remove toxins. Its composition is bentonite clay, Apple cider vinegar, olive oil, activated carbon, and tea tree oil, which are enriched with minerals.

8. The mask is protein-based

Raising the availability of protein in your hair not necessarily exclusively eggs and mayonnaise. All of their functions perfectly replaces the Greek yogurt. And, if you also add olive oil, coconut oil, and Shea butter, you can significantly enhance the moisturizing factor of the mask.

9. If you are sensitive to protein, then use a natural mask

I offer you the following solution: mix banana, aloe Vera juice, coconut milk, and olive oil, which act as not only sweet ingredients but also perfectly revitalize your hair. The actions of this natural deep conditioner, perform incredible miracles. Rosehips, with argan oil, are additional ingredients for quenching curls.

If you use DIY curly hair masks, I assure you, will be satisfied with the result.

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