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Hair Coloring: How Often to Dye your Locks

All women dream of beautiful & shiny hair. But not everyone has the desired hair color. What to do? To change or correct your natural color with a dye! However, in this case your locks constantly need dyeing. Some ladies say their roots grow slowly, so there is no need to dye them often. Other women claim that only in a week a natural color is visible on the crown. It looks especially challenging for natural blondes who opted for a dark color or for brunettes who are lightened. 

Well, if you’ve decided on a radical change or are just looking for fresh ideas on this theme, you’ve come to the right place. This article will become a perfect guideline for you.

First of all, here are the typical questions females ask beauty professionals:

  • How often should I dye my hair without damaging it?
  • Can I dye my hair every 2 weeks?
  • How often can I dye my hair with permanent dye?
  • How often to color hair at a salon?
  • How soon after highlights can I dye my hair?

Let’s answer them step by step to help you to look irresistible and well-groomed every day. 

How often can you dye your hair? The answer depends on what type of dye you choose. There are a variety of shades and types in terms of chemical components and acting power. Among them are temporary and permanent ones. 

The first type does not include ammonia, while contains the lowest percentage of hydrogen peroxide. It’s much lower than in permanent paint but higher than in tint shampoo. Temporary hair dye gives hair a bright and rich color, the same as a long-lasting hair dye, but lasts no more than a half month. After this time, the hair must be dyed again. Most often, such paint is used by those women who do not plan to radically change their color but only want to make it richer. 

Permanent dyes contain ammonia or a huge amount of hydrogen peroxide. Of course, these ones are stronger. And after the first application, the hair needs to be restored. This takes a long time. Therefore, in order not to spoil your hairstyle, you need to use permanent paints once every two months. The substance should be kept exactly in the amount as indicated in the guidance. Otherwise, you may get burned, and the color will differ from what is expected. In this case, you may forget about the gloss of your locks and start fighting brittle hair. With very frequent staining, you will have the same consequences. 

How often should you dye your roots? If the dyed hair has grown back or you would like to refresh your look, just paint the roots with the usual permanent paint, and brush it along the entire length of the hair with a tint to make them brighter. In general, hair should be tinted every six weeks, including caring for your highlighting style. This applies to both home and professional staining. 

If you plan to change the color, you should wait at least two weeks. In 14 days, the hair will have time to recover from the previous coloring. Keep in mind, that the less frequently you dye your hair, the healthier it will be. Don’t forget about special shampoo and balsam. Wash it only with special products from the line for colored hair, and rinse with the same conditioners. Then you will not only preserve health and beauty, but also the color of dyed hair for longer.

We are sure that thanks to our article you will easily master this art of caring for your dyed hair. Don’t be afraid of bold changes or experiments. You never know… Perhaps a new color will open a new page of your life! What you need is to decide if you dye your locks by yourself using mass-market products or plan your visit to a professional colorist. 

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