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Hair Coloring Trends for 2020

What are the hottest and the most fashionable hair trends this year? Discover with us the most thrilling hair color trends 2020 and choose your own style.

Even if you prefer naturalness in everything, you will definitely find an option for you in this list. Fashionistas & hipsters, who are ready to try something unusual and provocative, have even more choice.

Hair color ideas for brunettes

  • Chestnut

“The Money Piece” is a dyeing technique in which chestnut hair is diluted with light strands around the face. It performance resembles the balayage highlighting. The beauty experts claim this is a good way to refresh the hairstyle and get a new hair color very quickly and without many efforts. This summer, Beyoncé posted a photo on Instagram with this coloring and quickly was followed by the army of her admirers. Many Hollywood stars like this trend, for example, Margot Robbie or Jennifer Lawrence.


  • Light chestnut

Californian highlights create a natural sun-bleached effect. This type of highlighting looks more impressive on a long hair, because you can see the shine of light strands. The multi-level haircut will make the strands slightly voluminous, especially if they are a bit curled. This fashionable option is especially recommended for girls with brown eyes and olive skin.

  • Blue-black

You don’t have to look like a goth, but you may experiment with choosing a bright black with a blue tint. Darkening hair is much easier than lightening, so there shouldn’t be any big problems with this coloring. The combination of blue with dark shades is really among the most challenging new hair color trends 2020.

Hair color ideas for blondes:

  • Honey

Warm light golden blonde hair shade is a hybrid of wheat-blond and honey. A very natural dye, an ideal option for women with pale skin and blue eyes. This trendy variant will look great on short hair. World stylists claim that honey may be considered as the first step to red hair for those who dream about a cardinal change.

  • Pastel pink

Pink hair has become the leader among this season novelties. The soft pink looks great on short, medium, and long hair, as well as on straight or curly hair. As for basic care, use additional moisturizers such as protection oil before styling. Once a month visit the salon for a revitalizing and moisturizing treatment to keep your hairstyle looking healthy.

  • Violet

The lilac shade was among the popular hair colors in 2019. Now stylists make lilac ombre, with a beautiful transition from a bright purple hue to pale lilac along the entire length of the hair to demonstrate the richness of the purple palette. For blue-eyed blondes this option may be especially attractive: they will look like fairy elves.

lilac ombre
lilac ombre

  • Dirty Blonde

According to colorists, the purity of the color is not a must this year. “Dirty Blonde” is a coloring with a light brown base and light strands on the top layer. By the way,        Dusty Pink is also very popular. It is difficult to describe this shade: it is neither pink nor gray – something in between. We can say that this is the color of a dusty rose. If you have naturally blonde hair, then it will be much easier for you to achieve this shade than for brunettes. But everyone has a chance. The main thing is to moisturize your dyed strands with nourishing balms and conditioners, make masks and go to the salon for special professional care.

Just Rainbow

Stylists call this coloring as a “glitch”: a pattern on the hair resembles noise in the image. It looks very unusual and futuristic, thus you will definitely impress people on the streets. However, such difficult coloring can be performed only by an experienced professional who perfectly feels the dyes and knows how to mix them correctly. In America, this style is becoming more and more popular and local hair artists will surely make their best for you.

Latest Hair Color Ideas for 2020

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