Haircuts and haircare for women

How long will it take for hair to grow back?

So many girls want to have long and beautiful hair. However, modern fashion gives us the right to experiment. A shaved head looks fresh, brutal, and stylish. This is more common for men, who are keen on sport and are not too worried about their hair in general, but more and more women are falling in love with the freedom and coolness of this haircut.

Let’s learn what the mass of our hair really is. Hair grows out of follicles. Approximately five million follicles on your head, about 100,000 on our skull. Every strand of hair goes through these stages of growth: anagen, the active growth phase that lasts a few years; catagen, a transition phase that lasts about a month, and telogen that is the resting phase when the hair falls out, lasting two or three months.

Why isn’t your hair growing fast enough?

Overall, we can mention 3 main factors that define the way your hair behaves in relation to growth. The first one is, predictably, genetics. Everyone has a different hair structure, so for some people, hair growth is a much quicker process than for the others. Hormonal processes inside our bodies, any troubles with hormones may contribute to the problem. Another thing that regulated the speed of regrowth is the thyroid, so you might want to look into the condition of your thyroid. A sufficient group of factors, however casual, yet gravely affecting hair growth, are connected to everyday stress: high levels of stress might even cause your hair to fall out more. Medication can make an imprint too, be it positive or negative.

How long for hair to grow back after shaving?

Even If you are eager to have a shaved head you’re gonna get tired from your image one day, anyway. And then you’ll be looking in the mirror every day to see the changes in the length of your hair. Then you think it is going to last an eternity. Even so, it is not true. Well, the recovery process is not so fast but still, it has its time frame. Firstly, it depends on the length of the hair you want to see. Generally, you’ll get about a half-inch of growth every month. So, you can count the duration of getting a haircut of your dream… If you are not dissatisfied, fortunately, you can try some life hacks and start to growing back hair faster. Here some tips for you!

What influences hair growth

There are three main factors that affect the pace of your hair growth. The first one is age when you get older, the process slows down. The second is your metabolism that’s obviously connected not only to your age but to the third factor: any illnesses, including chronic ones, may slow the process of growing back hair.

Good nutrition

Hair grows back fast if you eat properly. Remember, what you consume goes into your hair as well! Just try to supply your daily meals with some grains, meats, vegetables with omega-3 fatty acids that supercharge hair growth. Beyond that, healthy fats, fresh fruits, and vegetables in general will be useful.

A vitamin a day keeps the scissors away

Eating healthy might not be just enough to not only keep your chevelure healthy but also make it grow long and strong! You should eat vitamins to start the process of hair growth as quickly as possible. A very effective one would be a biotin, but other supplements like sulfur or fish oil will do the job of energizing and vitalizing your hair so it can grow faster.

Thick and beautiful

Even if your hair hasn’t reached sufficient length yet, do not worry too much: since shaving your head doesn’t affect the follicles, when your hair grows back from its roots it looks thicker and darker. Even though it’s an illusion created by the blunt edges of the hair, it gives your haircut a lot of volume. Speaking of that, you might want to consider altering your haircut a bit while your hair grows out not only to make it look better and thicker but also to help it transition comfortably into a beautiful shape as well as take care of the split ends that slow down the growth.

So how long does it take to regrow hair? Most likely, about a year, but it can also depend on the actual length you want to achieve.

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