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How Often to Wash Your Hair: Professional Tips

How often should you wash your hair? We are sure you have typed this request into the search engine many times. Well, more specifically, you would like to learn:

  • How often should you wash your hair if you have dandruff?
  • How often should you wash oily hair?
  • How often should you wash your hair for hair growth?
  • How often should you wash your hair men?

Well, beautiful and shiny hair naturally adores both men and women. There are some professional secrets and general advice which will help you to care about your shag in a proper way, including washing.

Your Style Matters

For many beauty experts, the rule of thumb is that washing your head too often can do more harm than good. It sounds like a paradox, but people who often wash their hair face the situation that their sebaceous glands begin to produce more oil. The body does not tolerate such interference with shampoo or conditioners and seeks to make up for the natural losses.

MDs claim that there are at least three key factors to consider in order answering correctly the above questions:

  1. Skin type. If your skin and hair are normal (not too oily or too dry), then you probably need to wash your hair once or twice a week. If you have oily skin, you may add 1 time.
  2. Hair texture. This factor affects how quickly the sebum spreads from the roots along its entire length. Coarse or curly hair slows downplay this process, so its owners may need only one wash per week. On the other hand, people with fine, straight hair are forced to wash their hair twice a week or even more often.
  3. Style. Another thing to consider is your hairstyle. There are different recommendations for short and long haircuts and colored hair.

The best answer, which will work for many people, is to wash your hair about once every three days. For those who used to wash their hair daily, this recommendation may seem too radical. However, as soon as you follow the new schedule for at least a few weeks, the work of the sebaceous glands will normalize and they will secrete much less oil. As a result, your hair will look as beautiful, healthy, and clean as it would have been with daily washing.

Consider Your Hair Type

If you want to be proud of your hairstyle and always look well-groomed, learn all washing tips and tricks in relation to your hair type.

  • Dry hair needs extra moisture. Specifically, it needs a moisturizing mask containing keratin once or twice a week. There are no-rinse sprays available for use every day. The owner of dry and brittle strands should not wash their hair often. Two or three times a week is enough. Trimming split ends with hot scissors will help slow down further splitting of the rod. Sometimes it makes sense to try lamination at the salon.
  • Some specialists and stylists are sure that oily hair should be washed almost daily. Choose a proper shampoo very carefully, taking into account the individual characteristics of hair and head skin. In no case should you believe the common myth about the benefits of soap for oily hair? Soap will disrupt the natural defense mechanism of the skin. Thus you will get dry ends and dandruff. For the latter, you will need only special drugstore products.
  • Normal or mixed hair requires a very careful approach. You may use products labeled “For normal hair” or add some brands from special medical lines. Apply conditioner only on split or too dry ends. Wash your hair no more than three times a week.

Last but Not the Least

And finally, a few general recommendations for all hair types which may work if you still don’t know what approach is right for you:

  Wash your hair only as it becomes dirty with warm water at 36-37 ° C.

  Comb your locks only after complete drying. Wet and damp hair gets too much damage during this procedure.

  Long strands should be combed from the ends, holding the ponytail in hand: this will prevent them from mechanical damage and reduce hair loss.

  Don’t actively rub your hair with a towel, it is better to gently touch and let it dry on its own.

  Use thermal protection products before using the hairdryer.

  Protect and cover hair from sun and cold and apply moisturizing neutral masks.

However, there are some questions which need separate answers:

  •         How often should you wash your hair at 4C?
  •         How often should you wash your hair African American?

If you are the lucky owner of such a hair, don’t wash it too often. It is enough to do this once every 7-9 days. Ideally, you will use a shampoo that does not contain balm or conditioner.

Another major advice – this time for all –  is to be very attentive choosing products for washing. Either mass-market brands or professional lines, read the labels and guides carefully, and opt only for proven products with good reviews. 

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