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How to eat healthy if you don’t like cooking (10 no cook dinner ideas)

To eat or not to eat? It’s merely a Shakespeare style question if it comes to a healthy diet. Don’t miss your healthy lunch anymore! Discover with us some really effective strategies and services to enjoy simple and nutritious meals without extra time in the kitchen. 


In our busy world many people who care for their well-being are preoccupied with such questions:


  • how to eat healthy when you don’t cook;

  • what to eat when you can’t cook;

  • how to eat healthy without cook.

After all, in the time of global lockdown, the major puzzle for many is “how to eat healthy when you hate cooking?” To say it honestly, not all people think that they were born to stay near a stove for merely half of their life. 


Big problems, simple solutions 

Learn how to deal with this problem. Just eat healthfully, despite you don’t like the magic of cooking or aren’t eager to master it. You need not time, but a little planning. If you discover the basic tips and tricks, you will surely know what to eat when you don’t want to cook.


There are several proven options for those who don’t know how to eat healthy with no time. 


1.Consider a light version of a meal prep

This is really a superb option for people who literally have no time to eat because they are too busy to cook. It’s a perfect way to plan a healthy agenda in your diet during the week. Just bake in the oven several pounds of chicken or make an outdoor grill. Freeze it and then you will easily add ready chicken to salads or sandwiches from row bread with vegetables and butter.  

2.Visit buffet/salad bars

Enjoy dietary cooked fish or meats (boiled, steamed or baked) from buffets and salad bars close to your vicinity. They will become a portion of healthy protein in your daily ration if you have no time to eat at work. Just find it going outside and ordering steamed cod & broccoli. 


3.Buy frozen food

Before buying it or ordering from the grocery store online just check the list of ingredients in terms of emulsifiers & preservatives. However, nowadays farmers and manufacturers sell frozen food which is more natural because such is a popular customer call. After all, a frozen chop is still almost 100% a healthier solution than a fast-food sandwich. And frozen veggies & berries (if they are prepared the right way) are just as healthy and nutritious as fresh. 

4.Use delivery services

If you are still too preoccupied with the stuff like “I don’t have time to cook healthy meals” or “I don’t know how to eat healthy” use this so popular lockdown salvation. Why not? Just opt for fresh and healthy meals delivered right to your home or office, with a carefully attached ingredients list and the recipe card. Will be it a bit more expensive? Maybe, but for busy families or digital nomads this is an effective solution. Don’t tease yourself about how to eat healthy with no time order your favorite meal!


5.Eat fresh with accent on season 

No prep healthy meals on your table? With this principal attitude, why don’t you chop veggies, fruits, or berries for a variety of salads! Cut colorful vegetables and greens, add spices and seeds, olive or linen oil. Always have in your fridge several bananas, peaches, apples as well as lettuce or spinach leaves for a quick lunch break. 


Bon appetit!


Enjoy an eco-friendly and slow-life approach to learn how to eat healthy without cook. Well, almost without cooking…

Skip boring measuring or sautéing.

10 no cook dinner ideas

Find here several simple & affordable easy no-cook recipes: 

  1.  Mix cottage cheese with Greek yogurt, fresh fruits or berries, seeds, or nuts. This is a very tasty meal that can be used as a topping for a nutrient-dense snack.  


2. Put green spinach or same salad leaves and other chopped vegetables into a bowl and add olive oil, lemon juice, and a small spoon of honey.

3. Put spinach, pomegranate, and chicken into a bowl and add olive oil, salt.

4.Add an earlier baked turkey into a big plate of fresh lettuce and chopped vegetables for a very delicious meal for lunch or dinner. 

5.Quickly cook 2-3 eggs on a frying pan in a few minutes or opt for hard-boiled in 10-12 minutes. Serve with tomatoes, spinach, avocado, and butter. 

6.Put lettuce leaves, sweet onions, and salted salmon pieces on the toast. Season with sauce or olive oil.

7.Drink protein shakes made of protein powder, veggies, or fruits. Shake all ingredients in the blender – what a wonderful idea for a light breakfast or lunch. 

protein shakes


8.Prepare a healthy sauce from mint, basil, dill, and red-wine vinaigrette for any green salad or cheese. 

protein shakes

9.Order online such specialties like a coconut-yogurt pudding with seasonal fruits or Thai brown rice and avocado-tahini sauce – they are worth your money, believe us. 

10. Mix some muesli with fresh fruits or berries, seeds, or nuts.

After all, maybe in the near future products from farmers’ markets will appeal to you. Perhaps you will feel a desire to attend a culinary school to boost your “no-time” experience. And buying wholesome ingredients will become not your duty but hobby. Spend extra money or master the art of eating healthy on a budget meal plan.

Well, don’t tell us “I don’t have time to eat” anymore. Now you know all the tips and tricks!  


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