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What is the use of breakfast healthy foods? 

In this article, you will learn 

What is the use of breakfast foods?

Why is it so important not to skip breakfast? 

What vitamins are better absorbed in the morning? 

What foods are recommended for your morning meal? 

In the morning, it is very important to get the necessary nutrient intake for the whole day. Our well-being and performance depend on this. 

The benefits of breakfast are as follows: Vitamins and minerals are absorbed in the morning much easier and better than at other times. You won’t need snacks in the form of desserts and fast food.  There is a lot of talk about vitamins and supplements, especially during the virus and cold season. They can strengthen the immune system and, if necessary, provide the body with trace elements and minerals that we do not get in sufficient quantities from food. But in order for the body to better absorb vitamins and minerals, they must be taken at the right time and in the right way. Here is a list of the most important vitamins that are well absorbed in the morning. 

So, these are all B vitamins, as they provide energy and reduce stress, and also improve mood. All B  vitamins are soluble in water. Their main function is to regulate cellular metabolism. They are also responsible for the development and functioning of the nervous system, support the stomach and intestines. B vitamins regulate metabolism, normalize blood sugar levels, and strengthen immunity. But their main property is to reduce the negative impact of stressful situations on the body and thereby bring the central system back to normal. Simply put, these are true natural antidepressants that help improve mood and restore nerve cells. Here is a shortlist of breakfast foods that contain B vitamins: 

sour cream 


 cottage cheese,



 white fish fillet 

 chicken liver 

brussels sprouts 




green onions 



 Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It plays a large role in the body and helps to strengthen the immune system, helping to fight any disease, including the flu and colds. But the body itself does not synthesize ascorbic acid. Therefore, vitamin C reserves should be replenished daily. Most of this vitamin is found in vegetables and fruits. Here is a small list of foods that are useful in the morning: 



Bulgarian and green peppers 

Fresh tomatoes 


A pineapple 





A great breakfast solution is smoothies and fresh juices. You can mix different fruits and vegetables and get new flavors every day. In any case, eating fruits and vegetables in any form will only bring benefits and energy to your body. 

 Any seasonal berries contain a lot of useful vegetable fiber, which helps to improve digestion,  normalize bowel function and body weight, as well as ascorbic acid and folic acid. Berries (fresh)  increase the body’s defenses, ensure the normal state of connective tissue, improve memory, are a  simple and affordable preventive measure (they protect against many dangerous diseases – pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, cancer problems). 

Vitamin D (a fat-soluble vitamin) is also recommended in the morning. This important vitamin not only improves our immunity and participates in the absorption of calcium, but also increases performance and gives energy. To get a serving of vitamin D with breakfast, you can use:

canned tuna 



cow and soy milk 

Orange juice 

greek yogurt 



Remember – vitamins C and B dissolve in water and the body takes as much of them as needed, the rest is excreted in the urine. These vitamins do not accumulate in the body and are therefore recommended to be taken daily. 

Choosing products for a healthy breakfast is not difficult at all. Eggs, low-fat cheese, and cottage cheese,  nuts, white meat, fish are perfect as an excellent source of protein. Slow-burning carbs can be found in whole-grain cereals or muesli, good grain bread or crisps, and even a spoonful of bran to yogurt. In addition, grains are an excellent source of fiber that your stomach needs. Do not forget about fruits,  berries, and vegetables, because these delicious products will not only nourish you with useful vitamins and microelements but will also help make your morning brighter and more colorful. 

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