Haircuts and haircare for women

Why is my hair falling out? 10 causes of hair loss. 


Discover major reasons and what kind of doctor treats hair loss.

First of all, don’t be afraid. Is it normal for hair to fall out? This process is absolutely natural. However, if you’re losing a lot of hair, this is a problem and you should figure out the reason for hair loss. Women should be especially attentive because such changes can be connected with female health. 

Minor hair loss is a clear sign: new, healthy ones appear to replace the old. You will be surprised, but if you’re losing up to 100 hairs per day – there is merely nothing to worry about. “Why am I losing so much hair?” you may ask yourself once. Well, if you spotted unusual loss and want to learn what causes hair loss, apply to GP to treat these problems.  


Here 10 top female hair loss causes explaining what does it mean when your hair falls out:

  1. Genetics

You inherited this from your ancestors. As the American Academy of Dermatology claims, women experience hair thinning at the crown of the head, while for men it’s more visible the hairline. 

  1. Childbirth

During pregnancy, it can be hair falling out women because of estrogen influence. After delivery, as soon as the estrogen level goes back to normal, your hair starts getting rid of “bad ones” (weak, thin, etc.) accumulated over the last 9 months. That’s why many moms experience visible shedding for a couple of months. Luckily, this is a temporal process. 


  1. Medications

There are a number of medications that can cause shedding. In the risk  group are patients with high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, or depression who take a lot of drugs and medications. The good news, this is a temporary situation. However, if you observe that the problem has got chronic, ask your doctor to correct your medication list without this unpleasant side effect.

  1. Birth control

A woman may experience hormone-induced shedding because of hormonal contraception. Pills are among hair loss causes. With a new brand of pills or postponing this type of birth regulation, you may experience an increased shedding mode. It’s generally temporary. Ask your hairstylist how to mask this problem until your locks regain its fullness and healthy look. 


  1. Vitamins & microelements deficiencies

Ask your MD about a nutritional deficiency and pass a proper blood test to spot the issue. Healthy & shiny hair needs solid nutrition such as zinc, iron, vitamin B3 (niacin) as well as protein, etc. In case of deficiency, your doctor will make a special prescription or refer you to another specialist.

  1. Emotional/physical stress

Our hectic world is full of high-level stress. However, sometimes really traumatic things happen, such as unexpected or life-altering things like a divorce, a favorite job change, an illness or death in the family, being hospitalized. Given these unpleasant conditions, a body reacts to them with hair loss. You may wait for a while to survive a difficult period in your life or make an appointment with a dermatologist. Or just change your hairstyle or apply new products for a visual effect of thicker hair. 


  1. Autoimmune diseases

Why it is so dangerous for your locks? Because it makes your organism recognize its own hair follicles as alien. Therefore it attacks them and forces the hair fall out. Maybe you have heard about alopecia areata when the immune system behaves aggressively towards the hair follicles. Such conditions like thyroid disease, sickle-cell anemia or rheumatoid arthritis, or sickle-cell anemia can also provoke hair loss as one of the typical symptoms. 

  1. Dandruff/scalp psoriasis

Be cautious if for skin on the scalp: it shouldn’t be inflamed and itchy with a real temptation to scratch it. Dandruff can be easily treated by mass-market or drugstore products. Just opt for a shampoo with zinc pyrithione and exfoliating ingredients, while scalp psoriasis needs medical treatment. 

  1. Inappropriate styling and care

If you like too-tight hairstyles or do it too often this can cause traction alopecia. Therefore avoid tight braids and ponytails. They can trigger progressive thinning of the hairline, besides the hair loss may actually become permanent. Never wear one hairstyle for too long to prevent such a course of events. Regular heat-styling will not contribute to the health of your hair either. Thermal damage or aggressive brushing can provoke hair loss not from the root but from somewhere along the shaft. Forget also about frequent chemical straightening procedures, perms, etc. that envisage applying harsh chemicals on your scalp and hair. They damage the hair follicle and may result in permanent thinning. 

  1. Lack of sleep

Last but not the least factor in the line of our arguments. Just limit your time with work and gadgets and go to bed on time caring for not less than 8 hours of sleeping relax daily. 

For curing hair problems there is a special doctor – trichologist. But as you may assume, in case of need check in with other medical professionals as a general practitioner, gynecologist, dermatologist, or psychotherapist. 


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